County warns of fox bites


Be careful of fox bites, the Cortland County Health Department warned Tuesday, particularly if you’re between Pendleton Street and the Tioughnioga River south of Port Watson Street.

Fox bites have been reported in that area, it said, warning people to watch for foxes that appear lethargic, aggressive or unhealthy, which can be sign of rabies.

If you’re scratched or bitten:

•Clean the wound with soap and water for at least 10 minutes.

•Seek medical or veterinary attention immediately if you or a pet have any direct contact with a fox or other wild animal.

Or prevent the bite:

•Avoid wildlife: Do not approach or try to feed wild animals, including foxes.

•Avoid stray animals, especially cats. Feed your pets indoors.

•Vaccinate your pets: Keep those vaccinations up to date, which is required by law.

•Secure garbage cans to eliminating food sources that may attract animals.